Monday, June 29, 2009

Huggies Diapers $1.45 each jumbo


Rite aid is currently hosting a rebate on participating Kimberly Clark $50.00 worth get a $25.00 RiteAid gift card. Matched up with come coupons makes for a GREAT deal!

Here is my deal from today...

5 Jumbo Packs@ $11.49 ea--$57.45

Use 2 $5/$25 printable or here (pdf)
Use 5 $2/1 printable (do you still have some of these left?)

Pay $37.45 +tax OOP

Submit rebate #61 for $25.00 gift card
Submit rebate # 800 for a voucher for a free package of Huggies (if you haven't already)
Submit receipt to Caregivers Marketplace for .75 back on each paid pack-$3.75

TOTAL AFTER REBATES- $8.70 for 6 packages! (1.45 each)

Go here to see some other possible scenarios!

If you don't have any current Huggies coupons this is still a great deal at $3.45 per package! Also, Huggies just changed its packaging from Huggies Supremes to Huggies Little Movers. The new packages also contain less diapers per pack, so if you can find some of the old packages on the shelf, grab those instead of the newer package!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Beautiful Girl!

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