Friday, February 29, 2008

.29 cent Air Fare!?!?!!?

Spirit Airlines is having a leap year sale. 29 cents each way to some cities!
For my fellow Michigan friends... DETROIT TO MYRTLE BEACH is included in the sale.

Check out your city to see if a romatic weekend getaway is in order!

$5/$15 CVS WOO HOO!!!

Yeah! I was sure that CVS coupon days were over... but they are back with a vengeance!

It is a little tricky to get to, but so completely worth it.

SO, what do you need to do you ask?

Go to wellness 360 and fill out the free membership. (Make a note of your assigned ID and password. )
Click on 'Members" at the top and log in.
Next choose "my medical Record" and click on "Member ID Card" on the drop down list.
Fill in a few question, and PRESTO! print out your very own CVS $5/$15 coupon!

Do you have a prescription that can be transferred? Take advantage of the 30.00 gift card too! I recently found out that you can also fill some meds that your pets take at CVS also. My poor little dog has arthritis, and the vet gave us prednisone. Because it is also a human med, CVS filled it, and I got a 30.00 gift card. The medicine cost 10.99, so I made 19.01. Can't beat that!
Good till 3/31/08, so print a few.

Thanks Misty for the lead!

Kraft Live Active at WAL-MART

7oz. Kraft LiveActive Cheese Sticks are $2.50 at most Wal-Mart stores. Use these $2/1 coupons here, here, and here to get them for $0.50 each! Also, remember to scan the circular for the local stores in your area. If another store has it on sale, Wal-Mart will price match. Just bring in the ad! Stack that with the coupon, and you could get it free!

Thanks to BudgetHelps for the tip!

Peter Pan coupons in Hunt's Snack Pudding packages

I found this post at Money Saving Mom.

In many of the Hunt's Snack Pudding packages, there is a a cardboard coupon
for $1/1 Peter Pan peanut butter. Many regions of Kroger currently have a 4-day
sale with Peter Pan peanut butter being only $1. With this coupon, you can get
it free.

The pudding is on sale for $0.95 at Kroger, so you can get a
4-pack of pudding and a jar of peanut butter for $0.95 (or less if you have
pudding coupons, too!).

You can easily tell whether or not the coupon is
in the packs just by investigating the pudding packs before buying them. It is
likely that packages in stores nationwide have these coupons in them.

The coupons do not expire until 08/31/08 and this peanut butter goes on
sale regularly for $1 at a number of stores. So if you like the Hunt's pudding,
this might be a great deal to stock up on. Just be sure there are coupons in the
packs you buy!

Thanks to
for the tip on this!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Jane Make-Up at Walgreens

If you missed the Jane deal this week, Jane makeup will be BOGO again soon--March 9 to 15, to be exact.There is a $2.00 coupon here, and there is no print go hog wild. Most products are priced at 3.99. Walgreens allows you to use a Manufacturer coupon, on top of a store BOGO + 2 coupons=FREE
The coupon is good through April 30, 2008.

If you are unfamiliar with Jane cosmetics, I think they are great. They are a mineral make-up, and therefore less clogging than most make-ups! Get more info here

Price of wheat said to SOAR!

I am delighted to see these cereal deals. Wheat is said to be going up. If they do, then cereal, bread, flour, etc will go up as well. These sales come at a great time to get stocked up, so don't miss out!


Albertsons cereal deal going on from 2/28/08 to 3/4/08.

Save $4.00 instantly at checkout when you buy ANY 4 General mills cereal from the following list:

General Mills Cereal 8.9 -12.8 oz. select sizes and varieties:
Cinamon Toast Crunch
Cocoa Puffs
Lucky Charms

4 for $4.00 after instant discount

Match this with some coupons and it would be an even better deal!

There are deals everywhere!

I found this tip today! Get your coupons ready, don't forget that Safeway/Vons will double their coupons!

If you don't have any coupons, here is a start...
$1 Quaker Cinnamon Life
$1 total

From 3/5-3/11 Safeway and Partner Companies will have the following cereals 5/$5 with no limit.

Quaker Capn Crunch
Quaker Life Cereal
Cheerios 14oz
Cinn Toast Crunch 12.8oz
Reese Peanut Butter Puffs 13oz
Total Raisin Bran 18.25oz
Wheaties 15.6oz
Kix 8.7oz
Total Crl Cran Crunch 15oz
Total Whole Grain 10.6oz

Great deals!!!

I will kick off this blog by adding some of the great deals that I have found on the internet.

$2.00 Office Max printable coupon. 12 pack sharpie retractable markers from Office Max

Free Breakfast burrito today and tomorrow with a drink purchase from . McDonald's

We're all in this together!

I finally decided that it was time to join in on the blogging bandwagon. I have been procrastinating long enough. We decided to start a blog to keep all of our friends and family in the loop as to what is going on in our daily lives. Most of our wonderful family lives in Michigan. They miss out on so much. I don't know what this blog will evolve into, but I am ready for the journey.

Even though I designed this blog with our family in mind, the buck doesn't stop there. Any suggestions to lead me in the directing in where to take this blog is welcome...maybe neccessary! So what do you think. What are you dying to know?

So come along, and see where the road takes us...together!

The DuBois Family