Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter on a shoestring!

This year on Easter we are so blessed to have some out of town friends joining us.  ( Well, Michelle and Brad aren't confirmed yet, but we are still praying that they are able to find some tickets)  In addition, we have invited some in town friends to join us too!

So, the menu plan will be a little fun this year.  My dear friend Katie mentioned that she always thinks of Filipino food when she thinks of Easter in California, since that is what my mom served the Spring that she visited when we were Juniors in High School.  So, this year, to reminisce of those times, we are doing a traditional / Filipino dinner!

So the menu will be huge!

Honey Baked Ham- (not from the store..I'm going to try to make it myself!)
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy- .44 5 lbs potatoes
Green Beans-FREE stockpiled frozen beans
Scalloped Corn-FREE stockpiled in pantry
FREE-dressing stockpiled
.75 1 lb cuties
.60 feta cheese
Deviled Eggs-$1.50 for eggs and Miracle whip
Glazed carrots?-
KP's famous rolls ( she doesn't know that she is making them yet:) )
.20- from scratch with bread flour

Chicken Adobo-
3 lbs chicken quarters-
Soy Sauce-FREE  Stockpiled sale with a coupon
rice noodles-.99
cabbage-.12 (1/4 head)
lemon- .95 (3 lemons)
green onion- .20 (3 stalks of onion)
shredded carrot-
1/2 lb shrimp-
snap peas-
Lumpia- 9.99  2.5 lbs
Filipino BBQ Chicken-  
5 lbs chicken thighs
marinade- FREE -I have some in my pantry
Steamed Rice -10 cups- $1.25

I can't wait!  I will add prices as we go along...  Wish me luck!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

$2 Huggies at KMart thru 3/30/10

Go HERE , and print off 2 $3.00 coupons 
Then, email me at for a $10 off $20 purchase at KMart.

Huggies are 9.99, so you will have to throw in a pack of gum or something to get you over the $20.00.

$19.98  2 packs of Huggies
       .25 gum
-$6.00  2 $3 off coupons
-$10.00  off $20 purchase coupon
$4.23 plus tax

I did this deal a few days ago, and it worked flawlessly!  I have heard some rumors that KMart is not honoring this coupon, but I assure you it is a valid coupon!  KMart posted on THEIR site.  It has since been removed, and change, because of its popularity....but  this one should still be honored.

Here she is...our newest little precious girl!  Thank you to all of my wonderful friends who have praying for my first trimester sickness...It was quite a doozy...but I am feeling so much better these days!

Get back on the horse!

Well, frugal living has taken somewhat of a backseat since the baby was born.  The first few months was definitely survival mode!  That "survival" turned into "habit" really quick!  Annabelle is almost one now, and we are still living without a written plan or budget.  We are certainly feeling the pinch!  Though I have cut back in a lot of areas in the last few months, I haven't gotten back full swing into a WRITTEN PLAN!  I am telling you, it make such a difference on your budget when everything has a name!  SO, we are back on the horse, and I am going to once again use my trusty blog to keep me accountable!  Keep POSTED!