Saturday, July 25, 2009

7/26/09 Menu Plan-From the pantry/freezer

Banana bread
eggs, toast, hashbrowns
strawberry smoothies

Lunch-(all paired with fruit & leftover cucumbers bought on sale last week)
ham & cheese sandwich
grilled cheese
baked potatoes

S-Goulash, salad, hamburger bun garlic bread
M-Chicken rolls n rice, salad, hamburger bun garlic bread
T-Honey mustard Salmon, rice, steamed veggies, roasted potatoes
W-Crock Pot Shredded beef tacos, rice, chips
Th-Spaghetti, meatballs, salad, hamburger bun garlic bread
F-Pizza- Ham, Mushroom, pepperoni, onion, bell peppers,---whatever else we can find!) salad, breadsticks

We still have zucchini, cherry tomatoes, grapes, clementines, a few peaches, and watermelon from last week. ( bananas too, but those are pretty ripes, so those will be used to make banana bread, and maybe a batch of banana pancakes for the freezer)

This weeks grocery list should be pretty short... only fruits

white peaches on sale-.79 cent/lb
bananas-3 lbs/$1.32
maybe a #10 bag of potatoes for .89 cents (how can you pass that up!)

*update* I ended up going shopping, and spending a little more than planned.

5 lbs mozzarella-8.34 (divide into (10) 2 cup bags...83 cents each)
2 lbs cheddar-3.69 ( divide into (4) 2 cup bags .92 cents each)
3 lbs ham-7.79 (freeze 2 for later $2.60 / lb)
l.5 lb feta-6.29
6 lbs bananas-2.64 (.44/lb)

Later this week I plan on taking advantage of some good sales on peaches, tomatoes, onion cherries and oranges. I will probably spend about $10.00

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Eating up the freezer and pantry

Ok, so we had a fantastic time in Michigan, but it definitely came at a price...a hefty price! As part of the deal to get my dear husband to join me, I agreed to eat up what was in the freezer and pantry to help save money to pay for the trip. So here starts my quest to eat up the food we have on hand before we do anymore grocery shopping. The only exception is fruit, vegetables, and dairy foods.

So here is the menu, of course most of it I will just be winging it on ingredients! This should be fun!

I will also welcome any ideas you may have!

Breakfast- oatmeal, eggs, cereal, cinnamon toast, pancakes, fruit

Lunch- ham & cheese or PB&J sandwich, fruit, salad, leftovers, pizza

M-Ritz cracker Chicken, green beans, rice ( thanks Danielle)
T- Teriyaki chicken, rice, egg rolls
W- Swiss Chicken, stuffing, bread & butter, salad
Th- Cheese Tortellini Tuna Casserole, salad, KP's bread rolls ( thanks Katie!)
we ate spaghetti with meat sauce, salad, and garlic bread made with leftover hamburger buns instead
F- Pizza- pepperoni, bell pepper, onion, sausage?, ham whatever else I can find, KP's bread rolls, salad
S- Leftovers or Tacos, chips, spanish rice

Snacks- fruit, raw veggies- we found a ton of fruit on sale this week...peaches, cherries, watermelon, grapes, clementines. I love summer!

To top it off, our wonderful neighbor, Miss Betty, brought us some fresh cherry tomatoes and zucchini from her garden! YUM!

OK, so here we go... wish me luck!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Michigan Summer 2009