Thursday, March 25, 2010

$2 Huggies at KMart thru 3/30/10

Go HERE , and print off 2 $3.00 coupons 
Then, email me at for a $10 off $20 purchase at KMart.

Huggies are 9.99, so you will have to throw in a pack of gum or something to get you over the $20.00.

$19.98  2 packs of Huggies
       .25 gum
-$6.00  2 $3 off coupons
-$10.00  off $20 purchase coupon
$4.23 plus tax

I did this deal a few days ago, and it worked flawlessly!  I have heard some rumors that KMart is not honoring this coupon, but I assure you it is a valid coupon!  KMart posted on THEIR site.  It has since been removed, and change, because of its popularity....but  this one should still be honored.

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