Friday, February 29, 2008

Peter Pan coupons in Hunt's Snack Pudding packages

I found this post at Money Saving Mom.

In many of the Hunt's Snack Pudding packages, there is a a cardboard coupon
for $1/1 Peter Pan peanut butter. Many regions of Kroger currently have a 4-day
sale with Peter Pan peanut butter being only $1. With this coupon, you can get
it free.

The pudding is on sale for $0.95 at Kroger, so you can get a
4-pack of pudding and a jar of peanut butter for $0.95 (or less if you have
pudding coupons, too!).

You can easily tell whether or not the coupon is
in the packs just by investigating the pudding packs before buying them. It is
likely that packages in stores nationwide have these coupons in them.

The coupons do not expire until 08/31/08 and this peanut butter goes on
sale regularly for $1 at a number of stores. So if you like the Hunt's pudding,
this might be a great deal to stock up on. Just be sure there are coupons in the
packs you buy!

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for the tip on this!

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