Tuesday, June 3, 2008

2GB SD card for 72 cents! NOT KIDDING!!!

I recently bought a new phone, which can accomodate a SD card for extra memory. These can also be used in digital cameras. I did an internet search, and found a 2GB micro SD with full size SD adapter at buy.com for 10.00! This is a great price. Elsewhere, I have found these for about 35.00.
BUT WAIT!!! IT GETS BETTER! If you have never bought anything through Google, you get an INSTANT 10.00 discount on your first purchase. Buy.com has free 5-7 day shipping, ( but be sure to change the shipping option, the default is express) so I only paid tax......72 cents?!?!!?
Best of all, I ordered it Thursday, and got it today. So not including Sunday it only took 3 days!

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