Monday, April 20, 2009

Cheap Huggies

There is a pretty decent diaper deal at RiteAid until Thursday 9/23/09. Huggies Jumbo Packs are 8.99 and wipes are 2.50. If you got this Sunday's LA Times coupons there are (2) 1.50 off diaper coupons and a .75 cent off wipes coupons. OR go here to find out how to get a printable 2.00 coupon!!!

There is also a $3.00 single check rebate and a printable $5 off $25 RiteAid Coupon.

Put it all together, and it makes a pretty good deal!

Here are 2 possible scenarios...

Scenario #1
2 jumbo packs of Huggies 17.98
3 tubs of wipes-7.50

Less $5 off $25
less 3.00 diaper coupons ( 2x1.50)
less .75 wipes ( if you bought more than one paper, you could save even more!)

TOTAL-$16.73 oop

Send in $3.00 single check rebate
submit reciept to Caregivers Marketplace for .75 cent on each pack of diapers ( this adds up FAST!)


(This totals out to $3.76 for each Jumbo pack, and $1.57 for each tub of wipes!)

Scenario #2

buy 3 jumbos of Huggies
use 5 off 25 coupon
use (2) 1.50 coupons ( again, if you bought more papers you could save more)

Pay $18.97 OOP
Send in for $3.00 Single check rebate
Send in for .75 back on each pack of Huggies at Caregivers Marketplace

TOTAL AFTER REBATES-$13.72 for 3 Jumbo packs

This breaks down to $4.57 + tax each pack!

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