Friday, September 19, 2008

$20.00 Grocery Challenge

We have decided that we need to cut back. With Christmas right around the corner, and a baby on the way, we need all the extra money we can get.

Is it still considered a challenge if I am challenging myself? Well, for the next few months, I have purposed to get my grocery bill down....way down. The challenge? $20 a week! This seems impossible, even to me, but I am going to put all of my effort into it. Luckily, we have quite a stockpile going.

At 20.00 a week, my goal is to spend 3.33 a day (6 days) to feed our family of 3, with the 7th day designated to leftovers. My weekly shopping goal will be to spend 1/4 of my budget on each food category...meats, fruits/veggies, dairy, and grains.

I currently have some chicken, ground beef, a little salmon, and some steaks in the freezer, so I think we are good on meat for a few weeks. So, any unspent money will roll over into the next week. I am hoping that my stockpiles will allow me to roll over enough money to have a good Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner (which is my favorite time of year to cook!)

My plan this week is...

Sun: B-eggs, toast, OJ
D-Pizza, breadsticks, salad

L-Sandwich, fruit/veggie, snack, juice
D-Quesadillas, rice, chips

Tues:B-Eggs, toast, OJ
L-Sandwich, fruit/veggie, snack, juice
D-Corn Chowder, Bread

Wed B-Pancakes, fruit
L-Sandwich, fruit/veggie, snack, juice
D-Spaghetti, salad, bread

L-Sandwich, fruit/veggie, snack, juice

Fri: B-eggs, toast, OJ
L-Sandwich, fruit/veggie, snack, juice
D-Baked Chicken, veggies, mashed potatoes, bread

Sat: B-Pancakes, fruit
D- Beef N Broccoli, rice, maybe egg rolls

Projected Grocery list-

1 gal milk-3.18
10 bananas-1.79
broccoli- approx 2.50
10 roma tomatoes-approx 2.50
1 red pepper-.99

TOTAL 10.97

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