Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Menu Plan 11/30/08-12/6/08

This week got a little crazy. I didn't make a normal menu plan, since I knew that we would have an abundance of leftovers to eat. I did however find some really great deals on meat (and surprise, it's not Turkey!) I also went way over my weekly budget to stock up on some chicken breast that was on sale for 1.59/ lb! (I will post more on that later) I'm pretty sure that I have never found it that low, and I know that we will eat it up. I bought 35 lbs of it. This should easily last us a few months, if not more! So here is the plan for this week.

S: Ham, oven roasted potatoes, green beans, bread rolls
M: spaghetti, bread, salad
T: LEFTOVERS- free for all
W: ham, pineapple, sausage, & mushroom pizza, crazy bread, salad
TH: Oven turkey taquitos
F: Turkey & Rice soup, homemade french bread
S: Chicken Rolls N Rice Casserole, bread, salad

Shopping list:

carry over 13.46 from last weeks trip
Corn Tortillas: .99 ( on sale)
2 bags lettuce: 1.38 (.69 cents each on sale)

unplanned expenses:
9 lbs ground chicken-$8.91
13 lbs sage sausage-$7.67
35 lbs boneless skinless chicken breast-$55.65
4 tubs of pretzels-.28 cents!


I have split the chicken into 1 lb packages. With an average of 2 chicken dinners a week, this investment will cost me $3.18 a week. To re balance my food budget, I will try to stay under budget by $3.18 each week, and try to keep my chicken use to 2 lbs a week. At this rate, we will be good on chicken for a little over 4 months!

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