Sunday, November 30, 2008

Super Savings Saturday-VONS

I got some really great deals this morning! First I stopped at CVS where I found huge canisters of pretzels on clearance for .57 cents a piece! But wait, there's more... On black Friday I scanned my CVS card and recieved a $1.00 off coupon on any Gold Emblem snack. I scanned my card again today, and got the same coupon. Final cost....07 cents a piece! I bought 4, but my mom snagged one.

What will I do with all these pretzels you ask? Well, chocolate covered pretzels, of course!

Next, I went to Vons to grab a sales circular...they were out. I was hoping to find some turkey on clearance. I walked back to the meat section to see what I could find. Instead I found 1 lb packages of ground chicken for .99 each. I looked a little further and found sage sausage for .59 cents each! To top it off, 3 of the sausage rolls had a peelie for FREE Jimmy Dean sausage links or patties! Sadly, my store doesn't sell these, but you better believe that I will be cashing in on these as soon as I find a store that does! The coupon expires on 3/31/09, so I have some time.

So, all in all, here is what I spent...

(4) tubs of pretzels-.07 each=.28 cents
(13)1 lb rolls of sage sausage-.59 each=$7.67
(9) 1 lb packages of Ground Chicken .99 cents each= $8.91
(3) coupons for FREE Jimmy Dean links or patties

TOTAL = $16.86 for 22 lbs of meat!

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wbob1919 said...

Awesome deals!!!
Could you add my email address so it notifies me when you have a new entry please?