Monday, November 24, 2008

CVS 11/23-11/29 PROFIT $11.23

Here are the deals I cashed in on this week at CVS. The AmEx deal took a little creative financing, but I was a great money maker!
I used this weeks gas and grocery budget to purchase the cards, since I didn't have 75.00 laying around. Then I will use the cards in place of cash. Here is how the deal works.
Buy 3 AmEx card ( buy the $25.00 ones to make a profit) and get $10.00 ECB + a $15.00 gas card! There is a $3.95 activation fee for each card, but even still, you make a profit of $13.15!
I also bought some more batteries. My CVS still has the $5/2 tear pads on the display, so I bought 8 packs ( in 4 transactions) Each pack cost .53 each!
Last, the contact solution was free after ECB. I had a 2.00 coupon, so this is a moneymaker.
Here is the breakdown of today's trip, in 4 transactions ( 2 different stores)
(3) 25.00 giftcards
(3) 3.95 activation fee
(8) 2 pks sz C & D batteries
(1) Complete contact solution & case
TOTAL -119.76
used-8.49 in ECB's
used (4) $5/2 coupons
used (1) $2 off contact solution coupon (just click the link on the bottom of the page)
AmEx cards-75.00
Gas Card-15.00
Total Earned-19.72 less 8.49 rolled ECBS=
PROFIT $11.23!!!

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