Sunday, November 2, 2008

11/2/08-11/8/08 menu plan

S: Cream of Mushroom Pork Chops, skillet potatoes, rice I bought enough pork to feed us for 3 dinners, so I froze the leftover pork in cream sauce for another 2 dinners.
M: Tacos, rice, chips
T: Goulash, homemade french bread, salad
W: Sweet n sour chicken, rice , potstickers
Th: Pizza, bread sticks, salad
S: Somen salad, potstickers

Grocery List:
pork chops (1.67/lb on sale)-4.86 lbs for $8.12
chicken ( 1.97/lb on sale)-3.20 lbs for $6.32
2 large potatoes- 2.06
Green Leaf Lettuce-1.99
red pepper-.79
tomato paste-.50 -.69

this is a little over budget, but I have some surplus that will cover it. Also, the pork actually made 3 meals, so this is actually a stockpile! Also, the chicken should last at least 2 weeks.
Actual to date-21.68

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