Monday, November 10, 2008

$20.00 Menu Plan 11/9-11/15

S: Breakfast for dinner- eggs, pancakes, cereal, OJ etc.
M:Burgers, Fries,
T:Meatball Subs, onion rings
W:Lasagna, bread, salad
Th: Pizza, bread, salad
S: Chicken Rolls N Rice , bread, salad

Grocery List:

3 roma tomatoes-1.00 actual-.95 for 4
1 salad tomato-1.00 actual-.67
4 lbs bananas-1.79 actual-1.00 for 1 lb (price matched at Walmart)
Fruit on sale-3.00 actual-1.08 6 apples (price matched at Walmart)
actual-2.70 10 oranges (price matched at Walmart)
4 slices provolone-2.00 actual-.60 at Walmart Deli counter
28 oz can crushed tomato-1.00 actual-.94
Mozz Cheese-3.00 actual-4.42
cottage cheese-1.50 actual-1.57
spaghetti sauce seasoning packet-1.00 actual-.68
french fried onion-1.00 actual-.98

Addl Purchases-
2 Nestle Cocoa-1.00 w/ coupon FOR 2
2 Idahoan Potatoes FREE w/coupon
2 cans evaporated Milk .96 w/coupon FOR 2
2 cans Progresso Soup-.80 w/ coupon FOR 2
4 16 pcs. ouchless hairties-.48 w/ coupon FOR 4
3.26 lbs cabbage head-.33 (price matched at Walmart)




Anonymous said...

It makes me so proud when I see what a smart woman you have become..

Crystal DuBois said...

thanks Dad, I was well taught how to be content with what you are given.