Thursday, November 20, 2008

CVS...I'm not done with you!

I couldn't resist more free air freshners, so I went back to CVS last night. Here is what I got!
7 glade oil refills w/ free warmer 2.99 ea=20.93
1 glade plugin fan 7.99
1 crest pro health 3.49
3 BOGO FREE oil refill coupons (2 from website, 1 from recent insert)
1 BO refill GO FREE Plugin Fan coupon( from recent insert)
15.00 ECB from battery deal this week
TOTAL AFTER COUPONS= .45 cents plus tax
Recieved 13.49 in ECB's
note: the ECB deal for the glade is $5 for every $10 you spend. In this transaction I spent 28.92 on glade before coupons. I must have messed up the math a little while I was shopping. I will be going back today to reach 30.00 so that I can earn my last 5.00 ECB which will bring my total ECB earned to $18.49.

1 comment:

Suz said...

Good job on the Glade! My CVS was out of the ones that worked for this...Bummer!

Thanks for letting me know about the Walgreens Crest toothbrush... I was able to update my info. Since I didn't wish to actually do that deal myself, I hadn't done that one.