Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ground Beef .36 CENTS/pound!!!!! *EDITED*

OK, this has got to be the DEAL OF A CENTURY!!! I am so excited! I just bought 5 1/2 pounds of hamburger for a measly $1.98....DELIVERED! I really can't believe it!

I found out about this deal here.

It is not extremely difficult, but admittedly could be a little easier.

1) go to Geico and register for FREE up in the top right corner (where it says "register to save with Omaha Steaks" , no strings attached, no policy required. You will recieve an e-mail within a few hours with a code for a $25.00 gift certificate.

Note: when you recieve your comfirmation e-mail, be sure to be logged into Geico in another
screen with your username and password BEFORE you click on the email link. This will get you your gift card code. It is pretty long, so copy it carefully!
2) to sweeten the deal, go here to recieve a free bonus gift of (12) 4 oz burgers. You should get an email on this immediately.
3) using the email link from step 2, go shopping
another note:for some reason, when I clicked the email link it wouldn't take me to shop, so I just put a request for my password, and the password confirmation email gave me a direct link to where I needed to go
4) once shopping, click on burgers/brats on the right column, then click burgers, then scroll down to add (8) 5 oz burgers 12.99 to your cart
5) now you are ready to check out. Add you gift card code, then click APPLY. Your free burgers should already be chosen in the box underneath this where it says "bonus gift" After clicking APPLY, you should have saw your total go down to $1.98.
6) Now you can finalize you payment!

Enjoy your burgers!

One last afterthought... I tried to register with Geico using my SBC Global email account, and never recieved my 25.00 certificate, so I tried to register using my G-Mail account, and had no problems. If you don't have a G-mail account, you can set one up for free HERE.

Sadly, Omaha Steaks has decided to modify this promotion as of this morning ( 10/22/08), and the 1.98 is no longer avaliable. You can still get the gift card, but there is a minimum purchase requirement. :(

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