Monday, October 20, 2008

Menu Plan 10/19/08-10/25/08

Last weeks menu didn't exactly go as planned. We moved just about everything around, and skipped pot roast all together. This actually worked out pretty well, because Sunday night was a busy night, and Pot Roast was a perfect solution! I think that I will be switching Sunday's to Crock Pot night, move pizza to Thursday's, and leftovers to Friday's.

S:Pot Roast, root veggies, bread
M: enchiladas, spanish rice
T: BBQ chicken, corn, mashed potatoes
W:Goulash, bread, salad
Th: pizza, bread, salad
F: Leftovers
S: Beef N Broccoli, steamed rice, potstickers

Grocery List-

enchilada sauce?-.99 actual-NOTHING I found a recipe in the Betty Crocker cookbook, and made it from scratch!
1 lb. pasta-.69 actual-1.92 for 2 lbs
salad-.79 FREE-I have some left over from last week
beef n broccoli sauce-.99 actual-2.00 ( I bought 2)
brown onion -.50 actual .83
Mayan Onion- 1.00 actual 1.30
Red onion-.50 actual -.61
tomato x 2-1.00 actual-4 vine ripe for 1.79
eggs 18 ct-1.99 actual-1.99
milk-2.69 actual-2.69

ballpark angus beef franks-1.79
french bread-.60
5.5 lbs hamburger-1.98

Spent to date-18.00

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