Sunday, October 12, 2008

Menu Plan 10/12-10/18/08

S: Banquet Select Frozen Dinners ( I heard these aren't too bad, so we are going to give it a shot)
M:Burgers, fries, corn
T:? some kind of casserole or something to use up the buns (we skipped fajitas from last weeks menu because we ran out of tortillas. I used the chicken, bell pepper, and onion from that and added a can of pineapple and sweet n sour sauce to it to make sweet n sour chicken.
W:Spaghetti, homemade french bread, salad
Th: Leftovers
F: chicken, green beans, salad, bread
S: pot roast

Projected grocery list-

Salad-1.29 actual-1.79
buns-2.39 actual-.99
3-4 tomatoes- 1.32 actual-1.64
2-3 potatoes-1.50 actual-2.57
eggs-1.49 skipped.. we are still good from last week.
oatmeal-6.59 (costco) actual 6.59

unplanned- sweet n sour sauce 1.25
canned pineapple chunks-1.25

Total Spent-$16.08

Tuesday turned into sweet n sour chicken. It was so delicious. We had a lot of leftovers, and only needed half of the bell pepper and onion. ( I don't make this very often, but will need to make a mental note that it is cheap, quick, and easy, and likely freezes well) These will get used up on pizza on Sunday.

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