Saturday, October 4, 2008

Weekly Menu 10/5-10/11/08

My basic breakfast and lunch menu stays the same every week, which you can see here... so here is my dinner plan for this week.

S: Pizza, salad, crazy bread
M: Sloppy Joe's, haystacks
T: Chicken Rolls N Rice , salad, french bread
W: Lasagna, french bread, salad (this was skipped last week, so I still have the fixins for it handy)
F: Chicken Picatta, rice ( this was a huge hit last week! I use Trader Joe's picatta simmer sauce. 1 jar can last for 2 dinners, and the jar was $3.99.)
S: Chicken Fajitas, rice, chips

Projected Grocery List

eggs-1.49 actual -1.42
milk-3.19 actual -3.15
butter-2.79 actual-1.16
cream of mushroom soup-.50 actual -.58
fried onion-1.28 actual-.98
buns-2.79 actual-1.22
tortilla chips(I never got around to this last week)-3.19 actual-3.09
bananas-1.79 actual-1.76
green pepper-.99 actual -.50
onion-.50 actual -1.19
fruit-2.27 lbs apples-$2.25
2.06 red grapes-$1.81
( the price on these fruits were to good to pass up this week. Fruit is an important part of our diet, so I am willing to spend a little in this category.)

unplanned -flour-1.94
Frozen seasoned French Fries-2.16
Devil's food cake-.88
baking Cocoa-2.38
cool whip-.78
mozzarella cheese-2.50 ( I realized , at the last minute, that the cheese I had was spoiled! What a waste)
approx TOTAL-$19.80
Spent to date-$29.78
If I get any extra money I will buy OJ, olive oil, sugar, and Rice Krispies.

Looks like this week I will be a little over, however, I still have some money left over from last week to cover it. Also, it was my unplanned purchases that put me over. These items are not needed to complete this weeks menu plan, they are just pure moments of weakness!


Anonymous said...

Hello, I just wanted to comment on your blog in general. I love it. Good job, keep it up.

Crystal DuBois said...

Thank You! I don't get much feedback, so it is so encouraging to hear that someone out there enjoys it, and can benefit from what I have to say!