Sunday, March 16, 2008

$2.02 at Ralphs!

Food- $.60 cents
$ spent in March on Groceries-$96.63
Misc/toiletries- $1.42
$ spent in March on Misc/Toiletries- $ 15.22


Kim said...

That is impressive but all your posts on your bargains are. I need to get my act together!

Crystal DuBois said...

I stopped doing coupons when things got hectic. When I got back into it a few months ago, it became sooooo addictive.

Even though I have couponed in the past, CVS is new to me....It is such an adreneline rush to shop there!

Jinxy & Me said...

Great deal!!! Those yogurt granola bars look yummy too.

Rachel said...

How did you do this? Was it with coupons. I am so envious. Tell me your tricks. What kind of place is Ralphs?

Crystal DuBois said...


I live in Southern, California, and Ralphs is one of our local grocery stores. It is not a discount store, just your average run of the mill store. It does, however, DOUBLE COUPONS.

Last week the store had a sale on participating product. Mostly cereal. The sale was "buy 4 in the same transaction, get $6.00 off!"

The price per box was 2.50, if you buy 4, the price came down to 1.00 each. This alone is a great deal...but I had coupons, that DOUBLE!!!


2 Cherrios less 1.00 coupon, doubles=BOTH FREE

Fiber One less .70 cent coupon, DOUBLES=40 cent OVERAGE

Caribou Coffee less 50 cent coupon=FREE

4 Nature Valley bars less (2) 75 cent coupons make this 25 cents each.

It seems that there was an error in my calculations on my original post. I actually spent 60 cents on food not 28. Sorry.

I am adding a photo of the reciept for clarification, just in case my above explaination is not clear.

Hope this helps.

Lastly, to find great deals in your area check out coupon mom if you haven't already. I have her linked on my sidebar if you want to check her out.