Sunday, March 16, 2008

Special Birthday Dinner!- $8.86

Well, I am not sure if this should come out of gift money, or grocery money, as it is a gift to my little one for her birthday. Tonight we are having Lasagna, Chicken Piccata, Lemon Pasta, garlic bread and salad!
Cottage Cheese- $2.50
Shallot- .09 cents
Lemon- .89
Sausage- $2.13
Seasonings- $1.25
oops! I forgot the Parmesan Cheese!... Back to the store!

UPDATED: I have decided to take this from the misc budget
Parm Cheese-$2.27
While I was at Walmart for the parm, I got a few other thing that we needed...

Fitted sheet-$5.00
Ironing Board- Clearanced- $2.44
Guitar Case- $5.00 ( Azriel started guitar lessons today at her school! Thanks Uncle Mikey for the guitar!)
Butterfly Treehouse(gift) $14.88
TOTAL w/tax $31.84

I also bought a birthday cake for Azriel to take to school today. The school rules say that it has to be store bought. I decided on a cupcake cake...for easier handling. When I ordered it, I was quoted 15.00...but when I went to pick it up, it was 27.99! I just brushed it off....what was suppose to do? It was already made and all. So this kinda broke the bank! eek!

So sad to say that this is over my budget by 43.91, but of course the Lord provided. We recieved an unexpected 50.00 Visa gift card from our telephone company, so this covered the overage and then some. Thanks be to GOD!


Kim said...

I always put birthday meals in my misc section because they aren't a monthly recurring bill like my regular groceries. :)

Crystal DuBois said...

I still have like 30.00 in the Misc budget, so I think I am gonna take your que on this one. Thanks!