Monday, March 17, 2008


My Sweet Little Daughter turned 8 yesterday! We had a little party at home (us, Grandma, & Alyssa). I served her favorite, Lasagna. For my sister, who can't eat tomatoes, I made chicken piccata and lemon garlic pasta. For dessert I made a 4 layer chocolate & vanilla cake sprinkled with Jimmies. I only spent a little over 8 dollars to buy stuff that I didn't have on hand (including the decorations), and she had a wonderful time, and food can out great!

What are some of your birthday party saving strategies?


Alyssa said...

i look so weird!
but azzi looks cute :]

lilaclady said...

Hi! What are your recipes for the meal that your sister can't eat tomatoes? My son can't eat tomatoes or anything with red dyes & we try to stay away from any dyes , but red the worst reaction. Thanks!