Saturday, March 1, 2008

Help from the blogging community...

I am trying to find some great deals for my friends and family in Michigan for groceries. I know that COUPON MOM is a great resource to find great deals, but I was hoping that I could get some 1st hand help.

The stores common to my family is Meijer & Kroger. Has anyone found any great deals at either of these stores? All of your help is really appreciated.


Andrea said...

Hi Crystal,

I'm not from MI (OH actually), but not sure if you've checked out hotcouponworld yet. They have a forum dedicated only for Kroger in MI and Meijer (and CVS and WG and anything else really). It's a great resource for FREE that people talk about deals in those stores, and CVS.

Anyway - it's an awesome site if you're not familiar!

Crystal DuBois said...

Thanks for the tip. I have some across that site a few time, but haven't registered. I am going to do it today and see what is there.

Thanks again, my hope is to find some good deals that I came pass along to my dad, who is pretty strapped for cash.