Saturday, March 1, 2008

WalMart Deal- Lexmark All in one Printer

Walmart has a printer on sale for $27.99. Delivery is only .97 cents, which makes this an awesome deal!

Click HERE to take advantage of this great price!
And don't forget, most printers don't come with the USB printer cable. If you don't have one from a previos printer, you can buy it also at Walmart for 7.98.


alyssa said...


Anonymous said...

Is this a "prebate" with extremely expensive replacement ink carts? If I have to pay $60 for replacment carts, this is no deal. Rather a rip off.

Crystal DuBois said...

this comes with a color cartridge... also, keep your eyes peeled for free refills that are often available at Walgreens. just a side note...this is no longer avaliable at WalMart...sorry!