Saturday, March 1, 2008

Pavillions shopping trip.

I am new to the blogging world, but have been following Money Saving Mom for a few months. I am not new to couponing, but I have never taken it this far. I am, however, new to CVS. And I am totally addicted. Last week I got 15 bags of diapers for free! We don't have a baby, but my DH agreed that if got them for free, I could either donate them to friends, use them for gifts, or start saving them for when we have more children.

Now that I have a blog of my very own, I decided to participate in Super Savings Saturday hosted by Money Saving Mom So here it is...

We have been able to stockpile so much great stuff the last few weeks that we really didn't need to buy groceries. To treat ourselves for a grocery job well done, I decided to surprise my Dear Husband with a special dinner. I had a $10.00 Catalina from last weeks grocery savings rally, and decided on buying some Top Sirloin with all the trimmings. I was so delighted when I got to the meat section to see the steak on clearance, 30% off ....we paid 8.49. (this is something that I cringed at the thought of, but figured at 4.25 each...and some leftovers, It comes out to much less than what we would pay at a restaurant)

But that's not all! There was some ground beef too! I got 8 pounds for 9.90.(1.23/lb) I couldn't resist.
Then I found some stew meat 50% off too! 3 pounds for 4.98. My wonderful Mother in law (anyone got a tissue) gave me an amazing recipe that I have been wanting to make again. The weather is overcast today, so stew was perfect to go with the FREE loaf of French bread I got!
All this meat on clearance may not be anything new... but it is the first time that I have ever noticed it. Maybe it is all in the timing. But needless to say, I was elated!

Some Shredded Sargentos Cheddar at 1.50 each with a coupon, 2 heads of lettuce (1.00 ea), and a 5 pound bag of potatoes (2.49...I usually find this cheaper, but I was dying for a baked potato to go with my fancy smancy dinner) rounds out my trip.

Total before coupons...63.83
Total store savings......20.74
Total in coupons...........22.23
Total Spent...................20.86

For 20 bucks I have meat to last all month, and a fancy dinner too! Here's my store receipt ( sorry,next time I will remember to take a picture before I split it up to freeze it)

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