Sunday, March 9, 2008

26 cents at CVS!

Money Saving Mom is hosting Super Savings Saturday... but let me tell you , SUPER doesn't even scratch the surface of the deals I got at CVS this week!
I am so ecstatic! The CVS fairies were definitely with me this week. I got a late start, because I wasn't planning a CVS trip this week. I decided that I really need to cut back. I was going just about every night, and hubby said that I need to slow down. He was so right! I looked in my stockpile, and I have like 40 tubes of toothpaste, and at least 35 bottles of sambucol. I know when to admit that I am addicted.

Anyways, I had to do about a million transactions, ( well, 13 actually) ....but I think it was worth it. There are a ton of CVS's in my area, so it really wasn't that painful. I would run a couple of transactions at each store each time I went. Also, I didn't do them all in one day. Usually on my way home from where ever I was , I would hit one or two.

My husband and I each have a CVS card, so I was able to maximize our deal. Also, most of the stores I hit were out of the Venus Razor, so the manager offered to give me a rain check. Because he couldn't Rain check the ECB, he offered to price it at 3.99 instead of 9.99! The same thing happened at 2 stores.) (maybe CVS is getting more lenient in their rain check policy, as I have NEVER been able to get this done before! must be those fairies!) Another advantage on my deals was on one of my transactions the cashier forgot to scan my $4 coupon for the Venus razor, so she scanned it after, and just gave me 4 bucks cash. On a separate transaction I purchased CVS Vitamin C expecting it to ring up 2.99 w/ 2.99 ECB. After checking my receipt I discovered that it rang up 5.39 without any ECB ( I grabbed the time released Vit C, instead of the one that was on sale) so, I just returned it. The cashier ran out of gift cards, so she gave me cash on this too! So technically I spent 10.04 ( on my gift card) and after the $5.39 + tax, and $4.00 CASH was given to me, I came up with 26 cents!

All of this for a total of 26 cents, and increased my stash of ECB's by $29.73. (which brings my running total to $140.18 plus the $18.09 I still have left on a gift card) I did however fail to buy my usual Sunday paper at CVS this week, so I had to pay for that OOP...$6.50 ( for 4 papers) So, I guess one could argue that I actually paid $6.76 OOP for all of this (since the coupons saved me a ton of money!) I am the HAPPIEST CAMPER EVER!!!!

I have to give a special thank you to Crystal and Denise for being so open to share these wonderful finds with all of us every week!
less CVS 5/15 Coupons: 65.00
less Extra Care Savings: 33.00
less Manufactuer Coupons: 74.66
ECB's Used: 129.18
CASH refund for Venus Coup 4.00
CASH refund for Vit C 5.78


Denise Sawyer said...

Thanks for the link!

It looks like you are a real CVS superstar!! That is really awesome!

I am also a CVS addict. Maybe we should form a group! HEHE

The "Cent"sible Sawyer

Anonymous said...

That is awesome! I am new to CVSing and you're my new hero!

Crystal DuBois said...


Yes a group sounds very good, We will start each meeting with...

"Hi, My name is ______, and I and and addict"

FLUUD7 said...

CVS addict here. Let me know when and where the meetings will begin! Lol. I had a great week at CVS this week too!

Crystal DuBois said...

Do you think that holding the meeting at CVS would be counter- productive?

Crystal DuBois said...

Do you think that holding the meeting at CVS would be counter- productive?

Kim said...

WOW that is really impressive :)

I am a little burned out on CVS right now, I think all the really good deals all at once overwhelmed me lol I am going back a week from today, there are some good easter goodies I want to spend my ECB on :)

Crystal DuBois said...

Yeah, Kim...I hear you, that is why I didn't go to CVS until Friday evening....for milk! BUT, like any addiction, once you start, you have to feed the habit.
I am soooo Pathetic! I couldn't just go straight to the milk...I just HAD to see what I could get a good deal on!

BargainBanana said...

This is impressive!!!!!!!!!