Monday, March 31, 2008

2.67 at CVS!

I wanted to use up the $5/$15 coupons that I have that expires today. I had to run 4 transactions total. I ran 2 on my way to work at one store, and 2 on the way home at a different store.

Here were my transactions:

Venus Razor (Raincheck from 2 weeks ago)-9.99
(3) CVS paper Towels-1.69 ea=5.07

less 5/15 CVS Coupon
less 6.00ECB from razor
less 4.00 man coupon
TOTAL OOP=.39 cents
no ecb's earned ;(

(5) pencils .12 ea=60 cents
(1) cvs vitimin C-2.99
(1) Lypsyl-2.99
(5) CVS paper towels-1.69 ea.=8.45

less 5/15 CVS coupon
ECB's used 4.00 (this coupon expires today, so I had to use it) & 5.98
TOTAL OOP=.08 cents

Earned 2.99 +2.99= 5.98 for next time

(2) softsoap 4.99 each=9.98
(1) paper towels-1.69
(4) J&J soap .99 ea=3.96

less 3.96 man coupon (for soap)
ECB used 6.00

Earned 9.98 for soft soap

(3) pencils 13 cents ea=.39
(2) softsoap=9.98
(1) lypsyl -2.99
(1) CVS paper towel-1.69

less 5/15 CVS Coupon
used ECB-8.99

Earned 2.99 + 9.98=12.97

So, technically, I lost 2.04 in ECB's, but I got a ton of stuff that we need...(these paper towels are awesome. They are nice and thick, and they are the choose a size kind.)

the good news about the 2.67 that I spent OOP actually came out of my gift card. I still have 11.95 left on that card, and another card with 5.00 that I still haven't used. So really, today's trip was FREE for me!

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