Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sunday dinner.-$2.82 then $2.49

Sorry, no pictures tonight. The time change has really thrown me off schedule. We got to dinner really late tonight!

But, here is what we were going to have...

Pan seared chicken breast ( 1.16), mashed potatoes(.55) Gravy (.28), and Steamed veggies(.83). A nice Sunday Dinner(for a total of 2.82). I had the chicken going. I took them out of the pan to rest while I got started on the rest of dinner, and suddenly I saw those chicken breast on the cutting board, and all I could think about was.... nachos. So tonight's dinner turned into nacho night. (Shame on me, we haven't had a really healthy dinner yet this week... but these were a HUGE hit!)

SO, the cost for nachos? 2.49

Tortilla Chips-42 cents
Chicken -1.16
"Salsa"- Free (from my stockpile)
1 cup Cheese-.75 cents
1 can of Campbell's Southwest Cheese Soup- Free ( from my stockpile)
Black Beans - Free ( from my stockpile)
4 Tbsp sour cream- 16 cents

I realize that many of my free items are not available to some readers if they are new to couponing, or do not stockpile. But my goal is to show how valuable stockpiling can be, when you find something for free or close to it. Especially pantry foods that will not expire quickly. Once you have a stock of food, you can make your meals around that.

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