Thursday, March 6, 2008

Grocery Shopping 3/04/08- Costco

Costco is such a dangerous place for me. I can easily go in for a bottle of aspirin, and come out $200 poorer! It is sad really. It's like I have no control. But I cannot avoid the fact that there are some purchases that just don't make sense to buy anywhere else! So I have committed to go ONLY once every 2 month. When I get home from my Costco shopping spree, I split everything up, and divide it into the budget. March was my month to go, and here is what I scored....

March's Ration (prices shown are the amount for March Only. The original price is multiplied by the # of months)

25# bread Flour- (last 6 mos)-$1.26 8 cent/cup
Dish Powder- (to bleach laundry, 6 mos.)-.94
Brown Gravy-(6 mos)-.73 5 cents per meal

100% Juice Capri Sun 40ct - (2 mos) $4.34 22 cents ea
100% Stretch Island Fruit Leather 48ct- (2 mos) $5.34 .22 cents ea
Tortilla strips 3lbs -(2mos) $1.65 .07 cents per serving
Chicken Breast 10lbs, 40 pieces (2 mos) $11.64 .58 cents ea piece

Sour Cream-48 oz- $3.69 .08/2Tbsp serv
Oatmeal 144 oz. -$ 6.44 12 cents/cup
Parsley Flakes- $2.49 3 cents / tsp
baby carrots 5lb bag-$ 4.49 .17 cents/3oz serv or .89 cents /lb
Bananas 4lb, 10ct -$1.39 .14 cents ea or .35 cents/lb
flour tortillas 36 ct $3.15 .09 cents ea

When I get it home, I split up the stuff that gets divide into ziploc bags, and label it by the month. This helps me to make sure that I don't overuse anything, and therefore mess up my rations. The only exception to that is the spices. Actually, I usually have to throw some out because they don't get used up quick enough. Even then, the cost is less than what I would pay at the store...even Wal-Mart.

So, according to these rations, I will take the following amounts of money out of the monthly grocery budget as follows....(I mark this amount on my menu plan calendar so I don't forget. The money is "borrowed" from an overflow savings jar that we put any remaining money in at the end of the week from our cash envelopes. Once the budget for the month is distributed, I pay back the savings jar, that way I am not actually spend any money.)

March- $48.13
April - $25.90
May-August $ 2.93 each

March grocery MTD= $68.99


Anonymous said...

This is a great idea. I like to shop at my local Save.A.Lot when I am able to, but there are certain things that I need that they just don't stock. I hate to go to a second grocery store like Krogers to get what they don't have, because I end up spending too much there. Going to one of the warehouse clubs every other month sounds like a really smart idea.


Christy said...

Thanks for the great idea!! Your money savings is an inspiration!! ESPECIALLY with the way grocery prices are going UP!!

I've heard that spices don't actually 'go bad' by their "use by" date. Just gradually, they lose their freshness and don't have such a strong flavor.

I enjoyed your blog!!

Crystal DuBois said...

I put spices in EVERTHING! It really can take a dish around the world, and from boring to fabulous! With that said, I go through them pretty quick. But you are right. I am ashamed to say that I have some seasonal spices, usually thanksgiving and christmas, that I use year after year, and they are fine.

Thanks for the feedback. It is very encouraging to know that my methods are helping other people.