Sunday, March 9, 2008

Jane Make-up $4.71

My pictures had to be split up in 2 because my sister,
who has wanted to get in on the Jane deals for some time now, took off before I could good get a picture of all the goods. So here they are, in 2 parts. She has been awaiting this day all week! I took her to Walgreens, and here is our loot.
Our total? A WHOPPING... $4.71
A savings of 76.51!


Anonymous said...

Very cool!
~The Bargain Shopper Lady

Alyssa said...

haha i posted a bulliten about this on myspace. all my friends were suprised

Anonymous said...

Wow! You did so great! I only got one eyeshadow and one eyeliner. I could have got more, but I'm just not BOLD enough with coupons -- does that make sense??????


Crystal DuBois said...

I have NO Shame!...but seriously, if there is a store full of people I would never do this in one transaction. The store was pretty empty, so I went for it. I figure that as long as I am playing by the rules, then I should have nothing to be ashamed of. None of this will go to waste. Anything that I get that doesn't get used gets donated.