Friday, March 14, 2008


Tonight's shopping was not so spectacular. But here is what I got...

Cleaning/toiletries/Misc- $7.19 of $40.00
Oust-.50 each x 4
Speed Stick- FREE
SunSilk-$1.14 for both
Orbit's Gum - $3.36 for 15 packs
$ LEFT IN BUDGET- $32.81
(note: I decided to transfer the $3.36 for the orbit's gum to the Misc budget, instead of the grocery budget since this is not technically GROCERY)

Kraft Cheese- $1 each x 3
PopChips- .50 ( I can't resist these!)
Jelly-.50 ( though this was free...oops)
Mustard- $1 ( I can usually get this cheaper, but hubby put in a request, so I didn't wait for a sale)
French's onions -$ 1.12 ( making a casserole this week, so I didn't wait on these either)

$ Spent in grocery budget-$78.94

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