Sunday, March 9, 2008

.72 cents for Breakfast

So today we made breakfast burritos. The little one is at grandmas, so it was breakfast for 2. total cost...72 cents!

2 tortillas- 18 cents

1/4 cup cheese-18 cents

1 cup shredded hash browns- 10 cents

1 egg (fluffed with a Tbsp of pancake batter to strech it) .25

"salsa"- .01

Makes 2 burritos

As we were eating this, I thought to myself "what do you eat with breakfast burritos?"

Does anyone have any advise on this?


Kim said...

Spicy hash browns would be good :)

Crystal DuBois said...

yum, that is a great idea! What do you spice them with? Taco seasoning?

Thanks for the idea...frugal and tasty!

FLUUD7 said...

Hmm...They seem like such a balanced meal already. I would probably just throw in some orange juice or some fruit.

You could also add spinach, rice, peppers, or green onions to stretch your eggs even farther!

Crystal DuBois said...

ohh... fruit, why didn't I think of that! DUH!

And all that stuff...rice pepper, spinach, green onion...I HAVE ALL OF THAT ON HAND!

This is exactly why I love the blogging world.

Thanks a lot for all the input! Now I can't wait to make breakfast burritos again!